Prejudices about Russia

Before writing this post I asked my friends about the prejudices they have ever heard or ever had about Russians. The most common ones were that Russian people are rude and that they drink a lot of vodka. In my post I will try to investigate why those myths occur and to what extent they are true.

It is a fact that Russian people look quite serious in public. However in Europe, smile is a sign of politeness. It is a great way to spread positive energy although you might be in a bad mood and that the smile could be fake. While in Russia a smile is a thing that is more likely to be genuine. Also when they ask: “How are you?” it is because they are truly interested and are expecting an honest answer. At the same in Europe you can start answering and realize that the person is already gone.

Vodka. That is the first word that comes to people’s minds when they think about Russia. The strongest rumor about Russian people and their habits is that the majority of them are alcoholics. However it does not appear to be so, according to statistics Russia is far from being the most drinking country, which happens to be Ireland. Unfortunately people still drink a lot in Russia, especially in small cities and villages, as there are no industries so people are unemployed and they have nothing else to do to entertain themselves.


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